Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day!

Adventure is the best word to describe this mothers day. That's what my mom said she wanted and that's defiantly what she got. She called me around 10 and said she had a full tank of gas, a bag of extra clothes and a swimsuit packed and she wanted to get lost. She picked the three of us(Garrett, Chris and I) up at our house around 10:30. We stopped at McDonalds for some breakfast and then headed to church. After the service we got in the car and got on 95 South and just started driving. I started driving and then we stopped at a Diary Queen and Garrett started driving. For some reason I thought Garrett looked really funny eating ice cream so I filmed it on my phone. It makes me laugh everytime I watch it plus I love the song in the background.

We then came across this random bar called Reni's Redneck Yacht Club. We had to stop since my dad is in love with the song. Mom and I both got a beer and Chris took a picture with the three of us in it to text to Dad. The bar was really uncomfortable, defiantly a locals bar and we weren't locals so they kind of just stared at us. The funny part was there were signs everywhere saying "Do not BYOB, if we see it you will be removed from the property". Who has to tell people that? Its like saying don't bring your own pasta to Olive Garden. Dang Rednecks. We ended up drinking our beer out of the deck and there was a random rooster under there. There were also Confederate Flags everywhere so we drank our beer, took our picture and got the hell out there. It was a fun experience. We listened to the song as we left and laughed because the owners must have opened up the bar after hearing the song. They had everything that was in the song, tiki torches and everything. It was pretty neat.

It was extremely hot and I was a little embarrassed that we were taking a picture before we even walked in...thats why you don't see me smiling.

After the bar Garrett kept driving and we randomly made it into Fernandina Beach. We were going to keep driving when all of a sudden Garrett pulled the car over in a neighborhood and we all realized the car was studdering. We turned it off and checked under the hood. Nothing looked wrong except my mom didn't have much radiator fluid. Her tempature was fine so I knew the radiator wasn't the problem. We must have looked crazy because a family came out of there house to see if we were ok and if we needed any gas. We felt foolish telling them we had no idea what was wrong with the car it just stopped. We told them we were going to try to call a tow truck and they went back inside. After much discussion we decided to attempt to get the car up a little further to see if there was a gas station we could pull into. Since it wasn't overheating we didn't think we could do any damage. My mom took the wheel and we made it about a mile up the road until it started stuttering again. She was able to pull over and park before it died again. My mom made the best of the situation and kept saying "I said I wanted a adventure!" While she called USAA for roadside assistance Chris and I walked up the road to the gas station to use the restroom. While we were walking we noticed the sign that said Beach ahead and then realized that literally the beach was straight ahead of us. We were walking distance to the beach. We walked to the beach and noticed a awesome restuarant on the water called Sandy Bottoms. We couldn't have broken down in a better place. I asked the lady at the gas station if she knew of any mechanic opened on Sunday and she said, "You broke down on a Sunday and on Mothers Day, I can almost guarantee you won't find a mechanic open." While we walked back to the car we noticed all the hotels around and figured that if we couldn't get a mechanic today maybe we could spend the night and figure it out the next day. Thankfully when we got back to the car and my mom had gotten the number to a Tire Kingdom that was opened until 5 and it was only 2:30. We called and they were only 4 miles away. We went back and forth trying to decide if we should get the car towed there or try to make it ourselves for a couple minutes but decided since the battery had time to charge we should try to make it. That way if they couldn't fix it our insurance company could still tow it home(they have a 1 tow a day policy). Plus if they did tow it to Jacksonville they would only cover the first 11 miles and my mom would have to pay for the rest(which was about $160.00) so we figured it was worth the try. Thankfully we had Garretts GPS(the one he got for this birthday) so we plugged in the address and attempted to make it there. We were freaking out at every stop light and stop sign but we made it. The guy at Tire Kingdom seemed like a idiot because he said my moms car was too hot to look at right now and we would need to keep it there for a little while for them to take a look at it. I think they were short staffed and just needed some extra time. Chris kept saying they wanted us to leave so they could mess something up. But in the end there was no fighting it so we changed into our swimsuits(in the nasty Tire Kingdom bathroom), called a taxi and headed to the beach. When we got to the beach we decided we were all hungry and stopped at the Sandy Bottom restuarant to grab a bite to eat. It was such a pretty location. We were literally right on the water(I wish I would have taken some pictures). I ordered a Shrimp Quesdilla(trying to be different) but it tasted like fried eggs and cheese so I ended eating my moms side salad and some of Garretts fried shrimp. I ordered a Pineapple and Rum when we sat down and my mom followed suit. She said she had never had one. It was ok. A little watered down but good. We then ordered a Pina Colada which seemed perfect since we were looking at the beach. After dinner we went to the water for about 30 minutes. It started to look like rain so we called Tire Kingdom to see how the car was doing. The guy said they had tested everything and couldn't find anything wrong with it. I thought this might happen since my mom and Garrett have the same car(year and everything) and his car had done something similiar on Friday. The best part was he didn't charge my mom anything since they couldn't figure it out so she was relieved that she didn't have a big bill. We then called a taxi, picked up the car and headed home. Mom drove on the way home and I fell asleep in the back listening to awesome music Chris was deejaying for us while we drove. THANKFULLY we got home safe and sound and with a story..just like she wanted. I know she had fun telling the people at work today.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

You rock even though you drive me crazy sometimes.

I'll leave you with my favorite Barats and Bereta video.
Reminds me of my brother and I.

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Moneek! Yay! You're back. I've missed you!!!!!