Saturday, May 9, 2009


Saturday started out slow. I wanted to go to the beach all day but ended watching my 2 saved episodes of Lie to Me and ordering Chinese takeout until 1:30PM and then going to my old apartments swimming pool. Then around 4:30 I met my mom, aunt, and grandma at a nail salon next to my house for a pedicure and then we went and saw the show Footloose at Alhambra(a dinner theater in Jacksonville). My grandmother had 2 buy 1 get 1 free coupons in her entertainment book so all the ladies went. I ended up having a awesome time. The show was really cute. The owner, Tod Booth, went around to all the tables while we were waiting to go to the buffet and talked to everyone. He was a pretty nice guy. He kept talking about the main actor and how all the girls wanted to take him home and that I was going to have a huge crush on him. Then in intermission and at the end of the show he saw me and said "Cute, isn't he?" I was like, "Uhh..Yea." He was ok. Blonde and skinny. I like my guys dark and handsome. I kept thinking throughout the play, "He's no Chris." Cheesy, huh? Throughout the whole show I kept thinking that Chris should start acting again. He was really involved in Drama when I met him in high school but then did the whole sizzle out effect once he met me. He really enjoyed doing it and he was really good at it. Not just the acting part but the directing part too. I was always amazed how he could find time to practice all his lines(when he was the lead), have them all down and still stay out late with me on a school night. The dinner theatre is holding auditions for Forever Plaid & The Odd Couple June 15th so I am going to try to see if I can get him to try out. He would be awesome. The only funny part is when I think about him having kissing roles or love type roles I can feel myself getting a little jealous. I don't know. I have to remember its not about me. But the show rocked and a photographer took a picture of the four of us and we bought a picture and four picture keychains with the footloose poster on the back of the picture. It was a nice girls night out. I love when the ladies of my family get together and just have fun. Sometimes I can have the best time with all of them and other times they can seem cold to me. I never know when its going to be either or so I never know what I'm going to get. But the times when its fun makes me forget the other times and makes me excited for the next adventure.

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