Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stinkin Wagon

Well after my post about working out I have fallen off the wagon only temporarily. I didn't work out last night because it was just one of those nights.

Erica if you are reading this..stop rolling your eyes. I know you're saying..its one of those nights every night. This was really one of those nights.

I even ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and spent the night on the couch with my sweetie watching Family Guy. Erica came over for a little bit and then her itchy nature had to send her on a adventure which you can read about here. I did notice in her blog she didn't mention coming over OR the two glasses of wine she shared with me OR the countless episodes of Family Guy she watched and giggled with me but I'm not going to say anything about doesn't count as being crazy and fun plus who wants to read about some chick sitting on the couch when you can read about the lifestyles of the rich and the famous.


I went to bed super super early (10PM..which is early for me). I woke up this morning to go to a luncheon which was snazzy and then came to work. Its funny how addicted to my morning work routine I am even when its not morning. I came in set up my laptop up, got everything organized, took my medicine, checked my myspace and email, wrote Erica a email back, and then checked out my blogs. All before really doing any work at all. Bad Bad Bad. I'm trying to get motivated to get off my butt and finish organizing my new filing system but I had to finish this blog first. Plus since Erica started a blog I feel like I must compete to stay up to date every day.

By the way Erica (the best friend..her picture is on the right hand side of my blog) just started a blog that anyone reading this should check out. She is a amazing writer with a lot of wit and I'm sure anyone reading this would enjoy her blog too.

Alright...well I guess I should get back to work since that IS the reason I'm here.

I'll have a Life List post in a couple of hours(yea...I think I'll be that bored..)

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Erica Thomas said...

Three things:

1. I was rolling my eyes. Good job calling me out and in italics no less. hehe.

2. I didnt mention watching family guy and drinking wine with you because you are the only one that reads my blog silly!

3. Love that you mentioned my blog. I feel like a celebrity! And yes, you are expected to compete in blogging with me. tehe.