Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ladies night from hell

I'm not a crazy drinker. I've never really been able to hold any type of liquor and I'm usually always the first person out on any drinking game. Well last night Erica, Mike, Chris, Garrett and I went to Ladies Night at Ale House and umm.. drinks were flowing(pineapple and rum) and then I drank some random drinks when Kelly showed up at the end of the night and I got drunk. The kind of drunk that doesn't hit you until you get home and you start talking about Adam Lambert and the president and past hurts and hang ups and then you end up yelling at your roommate because he wants to do laundry at midnight and wants to walk through your room to do it. And then you black out.

I can't remember anything. Chris said I cried alot and threw up all over my hair and feet(even though the shower, toilet and sink were right next to me.*) I woke up not remembering anything. I couldn't find my phone and ended up having to get to work and call Chris first thing to find out what I did. Then I had to call everyone to make sure I didn't offend them and apologize if I did. I feel like a idiot. I know everyone has had these type of drinking nights and I know that I'm not the only one I just hate that I dropped to that level. It just sucks. I feel like complete crap. Rum is not my friend. Thank God I have a amazing sweet boyfriend and friends that forgive.

*I have to laugh about that because I remind myself of my dog, whenever E.V. throws up she will do it wherever I didn't lay paper down.

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Erica Thomas said...

Oh god. I agree, ladies night from hell. I don't even want to blog about it, I just want to forget it.

I've thrown up in my bed and cried all night before. Everyone gets a mulligan.