Monday, May 4, 2009

New Office Furniture

Since we moved into this new office location in March I've been obsessing about getting new office furniture for my office. The desk I had looked so pitiful in here and I wanted some big girl furniture soooo I've been googling office furniture for the last couple months trying to find something that I love. I was on the craigslist last Thursday and found it! I emailed the person and received a email the next morning telling me to come pick it up. I checked with my dad and then Chris and I drove all the way to Crescent Beach to pick it up. It's more like 2 desks, a printer table, and filing cabinet. We had to strap it in but we made it back to the office. Phew..this furniture was so heavy. The lady said she bought it from Office Depot so I thought it was going to cheap but it is made out of pretty heavy duty wood. It was perfect shape when I moved it into the truck but by the time Chris, Garrett, and I got it into the office it has a little bit of scratches all over it but its still super sweet. Everyone knew I was really excited about it so they my parents called me throughout the day asking me how it was going and I emailed Erica some pictures as soon as I got it moved into the office. Then when I went to my chiropractor appointment the nurse asked me how I liked my furniture(she said my mom had a appointment earlier and told her all about it). Its funny that something so simple was such a big deal to me. Ha. Got to love the small things in life. My camera is dead so I'll attach the pictures that I sent Erica on Friday. I'll post new ones with my office all situated soon.

My Old Desk

Awesome Hutch and Desk

The other desk


Marthavmuffin said...

Congrats on your new surroundings. And your first following - Me!

Anonymous said...

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