Monday, May 4, 2009

I found a BATHING SUIT!!

Thanks to Erica pushing me..and pushing me..I found the perfect suit. Well nothings perfect but I love it and the icing on the cake is I got a awesome beach hat too. ALL IN ONE SHOPPING TRIP!! I will admit I dropped some big buck for this swimsuit more than I even want to type. I was pretty shocked because after searching and searching to the point that I was cursing the high heavens for having a bigger bust (that seems no one can make a presentable bikini to wear with) I found it at the most boring department store. I didn't even want to look anymore when Erica dragged me in there. I had to tried on some bikinis at Victoria Secret(who I thought would cater to the bustier woman in the swimsuit area at least) but nothing fit up top. Erica ended up buying a really cute suit there which at the time was even more frustrating(she bought me some chocolates to make up for it). Needless to say I'm happy and I have a swimsuit for this summer. No more declining the beach, pool or water park invites. Bring It!

I realized after looking through all my pictures I don' have one picture of the whole suit sooo I settled for my favorite weekend beach picture.

More Beach Pictures to come...

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