Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet Zoey

I found her last Wednesday(5/20). She ran up to me when I was leaving the chiropractors office. She was extremely friendly and it was rainy and nasty and she was so close to the road so I had to bring her home. My plan was to find her parents. She was just spayed and judging her love for wandering she probably just wandered off when they weren't looking. She has done that to me twice. My plan has taking another course because my top 2 loves have taken a extreme liking to her. Chris loves her because she is clumsy and loves him and E.V. has now found her long lost best friend. I like her too. She is really sweet and has already started coming to her temp name we gave her- Zoey. The only down fall is she is still a puppy and will chew the most random things out of pure boredom. She will sleep all the way through the night and not have any accidents but you turn your back for a second and its quite and I know she has either ripped open a garbage bags(filled with clothes for Goodwill), or ripped all the fluff out of E.V.s bed or chewed my journal and all my color pencils up or taken the vinyl base board in the conference room. She chooses the most random things and then when you scold her she rolls on her back and wags her tail. How do you punish a dog that knows they did something wrong? Half the time she is on her back before I even say anything. E.V. loves having her at the office but E.V. is extremely hyper and doesn't sleep like she usually does. I can't leave Zoey at the office to run a errand because I don't know what is going to be ruined when I return. I don't know what to do. I honestly haven't posted any type of signs which isn't fair to the owners that are probably missing her so I'm going to post flyers today and post a ad on craigslist,myspace,and facebook. Maybe I'll get a hit.

Chris really loves her. He likes the idea of having his own dog. I just don't know if I can train a puppy right now and I can't keep her in a cage and let E.V. run around. It just doesn't seem fair but I can't watch her 24/7. I forgot about these puppy problems. Anyone have any advice?

**More photos soon

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Erica Thomas said...

Don't give her away!!!!