Monday, May 18, 2009

Awesome Weekend

Fast And To The Point

Friday- Work was quick. Had to do payroll last minute. Picked up my mom and dropped her off at the mechanic to pick up her car. Then Bunco at Grandma's house. Dragged Erica to fill a empty spot. She drank 3 glasses of wine I drank 1. Had fun in general. Then headed home to play Irish Poker(awesome drinking game) with Horton, Mercurio, Blaine, Erica, Chris and I. Didn't last long. Erica leaves around 1AM to go to a party. We make plans to go garage saling in the morning. I go to bed.

Saturday- Woke up at 9:30AM to a little shit(my roommates 4 year old son) screaming "Daddy..Daddy..Daddy.." in a high pitched annoying voice. Felt bad for Horton on the couch in the living room. Text Chris Good Morning since he had to be to work at 7AM. Called Erica to go garage saling. No answer. Texted Erica. No answer. Take Horton home so he can escape the hiena in my living room. Called Erica again...and again..and again..start getting worried. Decide to drop by her house to see if maybe she is in hang over sleep mode. Her cars not there. Notice Aaron's car is home on my way out of the neighborhood. Give him a call. Get voicemail. Start down Greenland Road by myself to garage sale. Get a call while passing Greenland Pines from sleepy sounding Aaron. Talk for a bit. Con him into going garage saling with me. Get a phone call from Erica. Thankfully she is ok but is in Middleburg. Meets me and Aaron at McDonalds and we start out on our garage sale adventure in her car. Hit up a couple successes. I score a rug and some sweet clothes. Erica gets a shirt, necklace and a gym bag. Aaron just melts outside the whole time. Then we head to Dicks Wings. I share some wings with Aaron and a pitcher with Erica. Make jokes about butt sex for way too long. Thankfully Aaron is easy going about it all. Drop Aaron off and then Erica and I head to Platos to shop for clothes. Doesn't work out right away and we end up hitting up a puppy store and Erica falls in love with a cockerspaniel(I fell in love too). Then Pier 1 and then Platos. I walk in and automatically start wondering how much is in my account and if I should really buy anything. Notice Erica has a armful of clothes and I have a couple shirts. Spend way too much time in the dressing room and end up wanting 2 shirts and a dress. Walk around a little and then end up putting it all back. Finally Erica is done trying on clothes and I decide on one shirt(it was only 4 bucks). Buy the shirt. Try to get Erica to leave the store. Finally go sit in the car to talk to Chris. Car won't start. Erica comes out. Car starts. Erica drops me off at my car makes promise to call after nap and go to Hooters for oysters for dinner. Go to sleep with a tired Chris around 4:30PM..wake up around 8:30PM. Go to Hooters. Pick up Horton. Head home to drink some Blue Mountain Dew drink with Vodka and play Gender Benders. Tons of fun. Horton and Erica spend the night. Go to sleep around 3AM.

Sunday- Wake up around 10AM to screaming kid. Chris yells at kid. The guys(Horton, Chris and Garrett) make us breakfast and Erica and I think its funny to drink beer and dance to old songs in the morning. Realize that Tommy(my roommates) supposed ex-wife has spent the night. Akward. Horton, Erica, Chris and I head to dog park. E.V. gets chased by big black drooling pit mixed dog and Erica and I try not to get drooled on(victory for her not so much for me.) Then as we're leaving the park to go on the nature wood trail big black drooling pit mixed dog runs into me while chasing E.V. and I go flying into the air to land on my side. I attempt to nurse my bruised leg and ego. Head home to drop E.V. off at the house and head to the pool. Weird uncomfortable practically ignored "Hi" to Tommy's ex-wife in the kitchen. Spawn of Satan telling me that "I can't go to the beach with them." Me wanting to make the kid cry but refraining. Head to the pool with Horton, Erica and Chris. Play some pool games and then some bullshit card games. Shockingly Erica kicks butt first round and then Horton. I accidentally start a water bottle fight when I pour the small remainders of water from my water bottle on Chris's knee. Almost die when Horton chases me and I almost slip and then fall into the pool. Leave right when more kids and some dudes show up to fill the pool up. Think about going to the movies but then just end up ordering Chinese, watching T.V. in the living room and listening to the rain with Horton, Erica, Chris, and Garrett until 11PM. Head to bed.

Crazy weekend. I didn't accomplish any of the organizing that I wanted to but I had a blast.

Plus you're only young once. Right?

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Marthavmuffin said...

Yup Have fun while your young!