Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

My 2009 New Year Resolutions

1. Pay my debt off from 2008

2. Be debt-free

3. Own a home-be in the process

4. Be more organized

5. Devote myself to my job

6. Complete 3 Semesters- Stop Making Excuses!

7. Be a good student

8. Qualify for financial aid for 2009

9. Keep my living area clean

10. Work Mary Kay

11. Read 1 book a week

12. Join a gym

13. Work out 3 times a week

14. Be in at least 1 creative class each semester

15. Meditate morning & night

16. Never have piles of laundry

17. Follow some type of money saving process.

18. Eat healthier

19. Have Abs in time for summer

20. Go swimming a lot during the summer.

21. Do the little extra things that make me feel sexy

22. Better my car

23. Invest in things that make my life happier longer instead of the short lived happiness

24. Have at least $2,000.00 in savings always

25. Take a film class with Chris

26. Be involved in the 48 hour film festival somehow.

27. Take small vacations.

28. Go on a cruise.

29. Own a nice camera.

30. Own my own IPOD with new music weekly.

31. Watch all of one actors/actress movies each month.

32. Make lists for the books, movies, classes to hold me accountable for 2009.- Follow them.

33. Keep a consistent blog with pictures, movies and info about my day.- Remember 2009

34. Have the blog made into a book.- Give myself written proof that my life was fulfilling.

35. S-T-R-E-T-C-H MYSELF! Be a Yes Person to new experiences.

36. Go on a helicopter ride.

37. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

38. Challenge my fears. Anything that scares me, conquer.

39. Push myself to meet new people. Do things with new people.

40. Forgive the people that hurt me and choose to forget it in the future.

41. Spend more time with my family.

42. Do something alone with each family member each month.- Even something small

43. Take my Reservation Coordinator position seriously. Rock It!

44. Make the fall auction the best ever.

45. Plan ahead for donations.

46. Use a day calendar.

47. Use my lazy days wisely.

48. Own a sugar glider.

49. Get new sheets that fit my bed.

50. Plan ahead for holidays.- Buy with Christmas in mind; Buy with a Anniversary in mind; Buy with birthdays in mind.

51. Send special event cards out to everyone.- Keep Track.

52. Throw my parents a huge 25th Anniversary Party.- Plan Ahead.

53. Throw my dad a big 50th Birthday Party.- Plan Ahead.

54. Throw my grandparents a huge 50th Wedding Annviersary.- Plan Ahead.

55. Have Family Photos taken.

56. Have both wedding anniversaries in the paper.- Huge Ads.

57. Make each person’s birthday a big deal.- Make it a little more special.

58. Paint even if what I make stinks.

59. Have more clothes. Take care of the ones I have.

60. Have more pride in my possessions.

61. Keep the Thursday Night Poker a tradition.

62. Make Christmas Special.

63. Host a holiday dinner.

64. Have Holiday Parties each year.

65. Invest time in decorating my space.

66. See at least 4 movies a month in theatre.

67. Start garage sailing regularly every Saturday with my mom, aunt, grandma and alice.

68. Dye my lower part of my hair black. – Don’t worry about what people think.

69. Find a trendy hairstyle- No matter what.

70. Conquer my skin problems.

71. Do something small with each animal as often as I can.

72. Have date nights that are unique.- Do something different.

73. Go on one road trip with a group of friends.

74. Go to England to see Kelly and Rich.

75. Get my passport.

76. Be a better friend.

77. Compliment regularly. Make someone feel special daily.

78. Go to Planetfest.

79. Go to at least 3 separate concerts.- Start a book to remember.

80. Wear my contact

81. Fix my teeth.

82. Have Braces. Keep my teeth straight.

83. Fix my front tooth.

84. Keep my eye brows dyed each month.

85. Start taking vitamins daily.

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