Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New House!

So I finally made the move. My lease expired on my apartment November 11th and I thought I would just renew at the apartments because it would be cheaper BUT I found a house down the street from the office that I fell in love with..the guy rented it to somebody else but after seeing the house I decided I really wanted to get one. We added two lovely roomies- Ian & Thomas and now we have a house. It's a 4/3 with a 2 driveways and 2300 square feet of room. I love it. It's a little old and its made out of cement bricks which I really like. Everyone has tons of room. So here is a online tour. Enjoy.

Front Door Leading to My Room

E.V. sitting in front of the main front door

My Soon To Be Flower Beds in the front of the house

Front of house- The 1st Driveway

Back Side of House-2nd Driveway-Double Doors lead to Wii Wii Room

Back Porch of the house

Back Yard(that will soon be fenced in)

My Living Room-What You See when you walk through the front door

Dining Room- The walls a dark brown that I heart-
The opening goes from the living room into the kitchen

The Kitchen

The Cute Pantry and desk area in the kitchen

The doorway to my room

My Bed

My closet- excuse the cat box

My entertainment center with my door leading to the front door

The Hallway leading to the dudes rooms

Ian, Thomas & Garrett's room- The Guest BA is hiding

Guest Bathroom(AKA-Ian & Thomas's Bathroom) May become the Hulk Bathroom

Garrett's room that wasn't ready..he made it pretty like 30 minutes later

Garrett's Bathroom- A sideways picture

My Fireplace in my room

Doorway leading to the bathroom

My Bathroom

My Laundry Room-Ghetto- Hopefully we will be changing the location

This is the Wii Wii room that leads from my bathroom & laundry room

We're going to paint the wall white and use a projector so
the whole wall will be a movie screen for the Wii and a movie screen

The closet behind the wall- very messy

Double doors leading out to the 2nd driveway

The Carport

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Marthavmuffin said...

Hey girl, glad to see youre still there. Nice house, I am jealous about the Wiii. I want one!

Saw you were at my blog...or someone was who came from here anyway.

Things are way different at work, they moved us upstairs to retail. Still very stressful, but I think I am coping ok. Come by some morning!