Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Gas!

Nothing much happened today. Worked. Ran out of gas.


Ever since high school(and running out of gas all the time) I've been pretty good about filling my car up. This past week I kept watching my tank get lower and lower and kept saying I'll fill it up next trip. Even when I left the office I was heading to a gas station but between the stop sign and the light I started daydreaming and snapped out of it as I entered my apartment complex and my car started grunting. I was able to get to my parking spot before it died. I was bummed but I spotted a gas tank under my stairs in my alley way to my apartment and just figured I'd walk up to the gas station to get a gallon. I got inside and was trying to convince myself that I should start the walk when my Aunt called to see if I needed anything(she was near my house...). I said. " car just ran out of gas!" Soooooo..thankfully I was spared the whole long walk...and ended up getting a gallon of gas and some sushi for lunch. I scored.

Now I think I am going to take my little bundle of energy(of course she sleeping now after hours of bothering the cat) up to the dogpark and for a bath with my mom and her dog, Chase. Maybe I'll take a camera and get some pictures.

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