Monday, April 21, 2008

Nothing Much Today

Not much happened today. I couldn't find my keys this morning until about 9 AM. I was going crazy looking for them and was just about to have Chris drive me to work when I checked the kitchen and low and behold they were hiding behind the bananas we bought last night. Random as anything. When I did get to work I brought E.V. and my dad and I worked until about 3 and then grabbed a bite to eat from Paneras. We brought E.V. and we sat outside. It's getting sooo hot here. It feels like summer.

Speaking of summer. blah. Swimsuit time! Why does it feel that summer sneaks up on me every year? I'm not ready, my body isn't ready to step into my swimsuit. I guess its never been truly ready. So yesterday morning I decided to put on my Yoga Booty Ballet DVD and try to work my buns but within the first 5 minutes I had decided that maybe it was a better idea to just watch and try to "learn" the areaboics dance, not to mention, I was working out in the livingroom and Chris was sitting in the dining room watching me. The DVD has all these jazz and hip hop moves and I felt like an idiot with Chris just staring at me. So needless to say I tried and failed. But I did decide to start looking for my Weight Watchers stuff and try to carb my carbs a bit.

When Chris's sister was visiting she went to the gym(in my complex) twice a day. Argh. She visited it more than I have and I have been at this complex for 5 months.


I'm not posting any before and after photos but I am really going to try and kick butt to get in shape. Maybe just maybe I'll post a swimsuit photo when I'm done.
This stomach pudge has to go.

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Lisa said...

That is too funny!
I really am enjoying your blog. I, too, work with my father ( the same building anyway...) he's a CPA and I own a payroll bureau so I think it's really interesting that you do too.

Don't even talk about abs....I need a body by 5/12/08. Motherhood can make you forget you need one...
*heavy sigh*
Thanks for the compliment! I really needed that today!!!! Now I need to go do today's blog. For some reason I am procrastinating....