Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm back...

It's almost been a month since my last post. Where have I been? Can't really tell ya. Didn't travel around the world or do anything too crazy. I'm going to try to get back into the blogger route because I love the idea of documenting my life. When I think back on the last month it doesn't feel like much as happened, but as I try to think of things to write about it feels endless. Due to this being a catch up blog it might sound a bit random so I will divide each thing into paragraphs to break it up.

Works been a little better not as much drama, thank God. But work has been slow customer wise, my dad is getting under bid like crazy. The guys out there are not bidding fair or not paying in different areas(insurance, workers, ect.) We can't figure it out but we have to change our tactics. My dad honestly has not really been on his game, hes a bit scatterbrained and isn't getting enough sleep. I think he is worrying to much about everything and is not sleeping. Once we get more roofs and things aren't too tight I think he will be able to chill out. He is carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders, paying all the bills, paying himself still, me and his workers. Not only that but he is the foreman on all the jobs until we can hire another one and he still has to handle all the estimates and quotes and be the sales guy. I feel a bit bad for him, but I try my best to fill in the cracks for him so he isn't sooo overwhelmed, its been tough though. I say give us a month and everything will be awesome.

Next, in kinda sad news Chris got laid off at work for too many tardies. It's too easy to be late when you have to be to work really early and you accidentally sleep in. I've had a couple of those days but Chris's would be 15 minutes late and they just send you home. Classified was nothing like Distribution where he worked, they are psycho. People used to do no shows all the time but never get fired. Be late and you get documented, its ridiculous. But things work out, they always will and hopefully this will be something that just evolves into something better. A bigger opportunity, who knows. Sometimes guys need that extra kick when they aren't moving ahead or in the right direction.

I think this post was long enough, next post I'll post about Chris's sister, Kelli being here from England for two weeks and our adventures to Orlando, St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. I'm off to read some other blogs I'm behind in and maybe steam clean my carpet.

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