Friday, March 14, 2008


So much has happened this week with work. It's Friday already and I'm shocked.

Business has been crazy since Monday, first we were shut down for a few hours because the city thought we didn't have any workers comp at work, which we do, we just have new policy that doesn't show up right away. We are in the process of bidding on a really big job and someone we are up against called the city directly to check us out, we think they have someone in the city helping them because they put our account on inactive for two days even though we have workers comp and showed, faxed, and emailed the proof. My dad said the workers comp guys treated him like a criminal. Hilarious part is that they didn't realize that A) the guy who use to own this company is a CONSTRUCTION LAWYER and is really good friends with my dad B) my dad doesn't forget things easily and now has gotten their bosses and everyone you can imagine \ that had anything to do with it in trouble. The guy that handles the workers comp(big name) came all the way down from Lake City to handle everything because he was so peeved off on how we were being treated. The person with the big job said we were having too much drama that was created by the other bidders and because the city called them directly(how the city got their number, who knows??) and they would have to go with someone else because we didn't have workers comp. all these people are involved because they may have cost us this job when we were completely legal. I felt so attacked on from all ends. I didn't who exactly was going to help us and who was going to get us in trouble. There are so many rats down at the City it makes me sick. But its cut throat out here in the construction world right now because of the economy. This is causing everyone construction wise to fight dirty for a job. I'm all about being fair and these guys just don't care.

The only good thing about all that is that I was able to learn about the things that could happen if I'm not on my A Game all the time.

The sad part is that even if you are doing everything right by the state you can still get in trouble if someone wants you too.


The only thing that kept me sane this week is bringing E.V. to the office, she would play with her bear and distract me from these crazy people that I was yelling at over the phone. So if I had to name something I was thankful for this week, it would be for my puppy, who is awesome.


Marthavmuffin said...

Now that is one cute pup! Sorry about the stress at work. Makes it harder to deal with with the company being your families I bet. Miss you! WIsh I had come Saturday - I heard it was fun.

Lori said...

Aw, just found out you blog, I guess I have some catching up to do.

Work stress is so much more stressful when it's a family bussiness rather than just a job, which it sounds like yours is the former. My husbands family has a bussiness too so they are always stessing about something.