Saturday, March 8, 2008


I've had my library card since I can remember. My mom use to let us loose in the library and we got to pick up to 20 books. My mom was organized and kept track of all of them and we would drag the huge bag of books back to the library to return. Well once I started middle school I started checking out books and forgetting to return them. I remember being afraid to go to the library because I knew I owed them some money($5 is a lot when you're 11). I am now 20 years old and just got a bill from a collections agency wanting $310.03 for the books I forgot to return like 3 months ago on puppy training. Yikes. Just funny, I've always owed the library money but to actually be held down to owe it, is hilarious. I know, I know, I'm returning them tonight. It's just funny.

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