Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Wow, its been a while. My last day at the TU was Thursday(2/21). I was actually ok the entire day until was about to walk out the door and a little bit of sadness(enough to cause tears) hit me. I'm going to miss everyone, I thought I could just walk out the door and not think of anyone again, but that wasn't the case. I'm glad I moved on, it was time, but as I sit here in my dads office, I'm a little overwhelmed with all the paperwork and things that I need to organize that I found myself wishing for a second that I could go back to doing what I already knew and was already good at. I miss the organization I had, the folders already marked, and the system I understood, but I have to keep growing and moving, I can't just stay doing the same thing forever.

School has been really hard lately, for some reason I can't get in the swing of doing things, I wait until the last minute to start any assignments and then freak out when I realize how much crap I actually have to do. I waited until Sunday(when the work is due at midnight) at 7PM to start any homework at all, and I didn't finish much of it. Which made me feel angry and guilty. How do people do this whole college thing? Its so boring. I wish I could motivate myself to just get it done, but I can always think of a million other things to do. I'm whining, blah.

On a fun note, I went to St.Augustine Sunday with my friend Jill, Chris, and E.V.(it was her first time.) She was such a good girl, and everyone wanted to stop and pet her when we walked down St.George Street. It's funny you like join a club when you get a dog, everyone comes up and talks to you about her, they share their dog stories, its fun. I bet its pretty similar with you have kids. Ha. The best part(that I didn't realize) about St.Augustine is that it is very dog friendly, the restaurants with porches or outdoor seating encourage dog owners to bring their dogs, including bringing out a bowl of cold water, and a treat for them when they bring your drinks out. Not only that but they refill the bowl almost as often as they refill your drinks. I was really impressed. We also went into this dog store that sold a all these outfits, gourment treats(they looked good enough to eat), and toys. I bought E.V. some treats and this really cool popcorn for dogs(don't ask I was curious). We walked by one of those old fashion photo places and I just had to do it. I know I'm crazy but the photo came out really cute. Plus now I'll remember when she was small. Chris was such a sport about it, how many guys do you know would get dressed up(in a western outfit) and pose with their girlfriend and her dog. I know I'm lucky.

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Marthavmuffin said...

Oh Moneek that is such a great shot - the expressions on everyone's faces are just so realistic looking.

Chris is really a good sport!

Did that dog store have a cat store above it? I go to the cat store every time I go to St. Augustine - my favorite purchase is an apron with a picture of a cat who is cooking in the kitchen with the caption - 'Martha Mewart' Heehee.

I miss you...when will you come visit?