Friday, February 29, 2008

Going out of town for the weekend...

I can't wait until tomorrow, we are going to Destin, FL about 4 or 6 hours(depends who you talk to, according to mapquest we're looking at 5 hours) from Jacksonville. I am so excited, the weather is going to be cool and pretty, hopefully.

I'm not sure what we are going to do. We are riding up with my friend Jill so she can see her "man-friend" thats on base there. Soooo....a roadtrip sounds good. I don't really care what we do, just get me out of Jacksonville for a little while, away from college and my messy bedroom, I just wish we could take E.V. I just asked Chris what he thought and he said it isn't a good idea incase we want to go somewhere. :( O well. It's still going to be fun, my brother can watch her and Simba. I feel like I'm leaving my kid, maybe I'll just leave her with my parents, she can play with their dog Chase all day. I'll have lots of photos from the trip soon.

Random note:

I opened my laptop yesterday and noticed a key was missing...what the heck?? I just bought it a month ago. I called my brother freaking out and he found it on the living room floor. How does a key just pop off? Thankfully its just the quotation key. :P It looks really ghetto.

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