Saturday, February 16, 2008

Entrees Made Easy

After the eye doctor this morning my mom and I met up with my great aunt, aunt, and grandmother at this place called Entrees Made Easy. Its basically this place that has all your materials laid out to make a meal along with detailed directions including the throw away container to cook in. Then you take it home, stick it in your fridge and then when you need it you just pull it out stick it in the oven and you have a meal Hardly any mess and the meal turns out really good. The ingredients itself are worth the price of the meal. Pretty neat, huh? We got the 12 meal package and just split it 4 ways so we would each get 3. I got Chicken Enchilada, Parmesan Bake, and Chili. Yummy. They have different serving sizes, I got the one that serves 2-3. The neat part is they have new menus every month so its the not the same old same old every time.

You have a chose from complimentary wine, soda, water, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

My grandmother and great aunt making Chicken Enchiladas in their work station.

My mom and aunt looking cute in their aprons.

Me (hence the wake up late for eye app. and jet out the door look) and my beautiful aunt.


raxiro said...

me gusto su blog como hago para disenarlo igual ok

Marthavmuffin said...

Love the new look. Missed your shining happy face today.

Rachael said...

The header looks great! Welcome to blog world! :)