Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roommate Trouble Solved

If you have been following along with my whole roommate fiasco(you can read about it here and here) then you're probably thinking I'm dead now because I haven't posted another blog about it in forever. Thankfully I'm alive and well.

The Wednesday after the latest fight Thomas and Ian came home late all upset thinking someone had threw a glass of pee(long story...) peed on Thomas's mattress( I know random-tehee). Thomas then went on to yell that when he moved out he was going to come back and ruin all of the stuff in the house(which is all ours). I had been worried about the dogs for some time(I always keep them at work with me and had even started keeping the dog food and water in my room incase they put anything in it) but now I knew that he was making a threat not drunk and I couldn't take a chance like that. I called the cops as soon as they stormed out(going who knows where) to report that he had threatened my things incase I came home one day and everything was either ruined or stolen. The cop was really nice (I felt so bad wasting his time). He gave me some information on filing a restraining order so Tommy couldn't come over to the house. By then I was sick of everything. Of Ian standing behind Tommy and most likely continuing to make my life difficult so we decided to move everything from the house(literally...everything..) into our nice sized bedroom and move out the next day. I would have loved to see their face when they came home a couple hours later and saw that literally the entire house was empty. I only took what belonged to us. I took pictures off of the wall, dishes, furniture, everything. The house looked vacant. Garrett slept in our room that night on the couch because his room was on the same hallway theres are on and didn't want him near them. I stayed home for a while Thursday to make sure they didn't come in my room and mess with anything (I know..not the smartest move..but Garrett & Chris had to work and when you have a family business you can't have all your employees cutting out because they have personal issues). Then my friend Mike came over with his friend to watch the dogs and my stuff while I arranged last minute move out details and picked up the UHAUL. I received a text from Ian mid day saying that we were being immature and he wanted his cooking pot back. I never responded. Thankfully they had both left for work when I showed up with the UHAUL and Mike, Vinny and Erica helped me move things into my dads warehouse until Chris and Garrett got off work. It really sucked because like a dummy I was avoiding reality and never really started saving just incase the time came and I needed to move out so I didn't know what to do. Especially since we had just paid 3/5 of the rent and it was only the 11th of June. So...we ended up staying the night at my parents house. They were cool about having the dogs and Simba stay over too. Then on Friday I turned off the electricity at our house and we ended up staying at the office for the night(we moved our mattresses into the offices like a sleepover..it was fun.) I then spent the entire weekend attempting to find a house to rent. With really little money and the thought that I would still owe on the back utilites that Thomas and Ian were very unlikely going to help pay...I was bit of a wreck. I was extremely depressed leaving my house that I love and of that fact that I was 21 years old and homeless. Homeless not because I was lazy but because I put myself into a dangerous, dumb, white trash kind of situation. I hated the idea that they were at the house that WE pretty much paid for that month while we were homeless. My dad was really sweet and offered to let us stay at the office(since it has 2 bathrooms, 2 pretty much empty rooms, and a fridge) until we found a place. His idea was for a couple of months until we could get some money saved up to pay all the back utilites and get a new place to rent. I knew there was no way I was going to stay for a couple months. Just the idea of my dad constantly dropping by the office, not having any real privacy, not having a shower unless I went to my rents..and doing laundry over there when I was so use to my independence make me start hyperventalating.

The house search sucked. No one really wants to rent to kids or people with animals so it was tough finding a place who would just accept them or a place that wouldn't charge $500 non-refundable deposit for each animal. It was extremely hard since we had just got Zoey and due to the fact that she MIGHT be pit mix. I tried to tell them she was a labmix because I'm positive about the lab but I knew as soon as they saw how big her head was they would know. Really sucks for her because she is the sweetest, goofiest dog I've ever met. Also it doesn't help that everyone here wants first and last months rent and then a deposit or first months rent and the deposit is the same as the rent. Due to the loss of 2 people to divide rent with we also had to look for a smaller amount of rent per month and I still really wanted a house so the dogs would have a back yard. I was on Craigslist every second of the day seeing if anyone posted a awesome house.

We ended up staying at the office until the end of June. It wasn't as bad as I thought because Mike and Erica came over every night and we hung out. Nothing really felt like it changed just a new adventure. Weekends were still adventures and we still went out during the week. It was nice being able to roll out of bed and be at the office. It ended up being a pretty sweet adventure. Who can say they lived where they worked for a little bit.

Thankfully I had swallowed my pride the Friday before all the drama went down in the beginning of June and had told the landlord everything before it escalated so he was familiar with what was going on. He really liked us and kept trying to get us to sign another lease for the house. He even lowered the rent. At first I was like "Hell NO..the whole point of us moving out was to get away from them not make ourselves a target." I hadn't heard anything from them since the text so I was pretty sure that I had scared them both with the idea of getting a restraining order. The more and more I thought about it and talked to Chris about it the more I liked the idea of moving back into our house. I really do love the house. It is extremely unique and has so much potential. I finally decided that it would be the cheapest and smartest move for us to move back. We would just change the locks, put up a fence, and maybe get a security system.

We moved back in July 4th. The house was awful though. It took a whole day of cleaning to even make it livable. The guys had left food in the fridge and freezer so there were maggots in there(thankfully my brother was brave and cleaned it out for me) and there were piles of dishes in the sink full of maggots. They had also left a lot of stuff in their bedrooms, hadn't taken out the trash since we moved out, the lawn was super super high and they left us a nice full cat box in the bathroom. Thankfully there was no damage to the house but a lot of cleaning.

The only thing that really irks me about the whole thing is that Tommy never paid rent for June. The landlord had let them think that we had not paid his portion of the rent and that he was still owed for it. He was then going to give us our money back when he got it from Tommy. Tommy just left. Ian even had the nerve to ask for his security deposit back and the landlord gave him a $100 bucks to just go away. I don't understand that. How is it that yet again people that use and manipulate people can get away with things without any punishment? Nothing. They literally stuck us in a crappy situation and left.

We are just getting back on our feet since we had to pay off 2 months of utilites averaging over $800.00 before they could turn the power back on plus the $75.00 reconnect fees and then the larger rent portion. Even though I'm broke right now...I'm really really happy to be away from the drama. I love it just being the three of us.

The best part is that once we decided we were moving back I started a journal where I put all my ideas for the house. I'll have to do before and after photos once I start really decorating. The house isn't going to look the same at all. My goal is for it to be a retreat from the real world. Just to give you a little teaser were going to have a movie room, chill room and art studio. Plus I'm going to experiment with some new colors of paint that I would never have been daring enough to try before. I'm really happy to have a place to call home. Its insane what you take for granted.

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