Saturday, April 11, 2009

Awesome Saturdays..

This clip reminded me of me today(I am completely hooked on watching The Whitest Kids You Know on demand). I've never looked forward to a Saturday this much in forever. I wanted to do everything just because I was free for the day. Free from work, the stress, the responsibilities..the only thing I had to worry about is if I slept the day away and didn't make it to the dog park to take E.V. or if I should spend the money on the sushi I was almost aching for. Basically I accomplished everything on my list. Bought some clothes from this awesome thrift shop named Plato's Closet which I am now considering the "shopping love" that I've never truly understood that the mall can possess out of many women. This shop was amazing. I only made it half way through the store until I had a armful of things to try on and I did the try on ritual not once but twice and walked out with a bag full of clothes and only a bill of $60.00. Pretty proud moment. The only shit moment that turned into a pretty sweet discovery was the beauty of travel Shout pads that the girl that rang me up gave me when I realized that the stinkin Easter Bunny Chocolate I received at a luncheon and threw in my purse and then days later left in my hot car...which resulted in a suprise chocolate covered cell phone I pulled from my purse while looking at clothes. Those babies worked and when I mean worked my once chocolate smelling purse(which I thought I would have to throw away or attempt to wash is now spotless and there is no evidence of chocolate expect maybe the yummy smell if you take a whiff of the fabric). Thankfully I remembered E.V. needed a new prescription of heartworm medicine so Chris and I drove over to PetsMart to go to their vet clinic called Banfield that happened to be in the same shopping area of Platos Closet. To Chris's dismay I had to look at everything and not only walked out with the heartworm medicine but with a treat, nail clippers, and some cute 1/2 PRICED Easter dress and bunny ears. I just got it to be cute when I go to Easter dinner at my grandmas tomorrow. E.V. didn't mind the dress but hated the ears..she did let me get a couple cute pictures though. People are probably going to hate me for posting these but whatever..she still loves me.

Then I DID get the sushi I was craving for dinner which made my night and included yummy leftovers I ate while watching Bones Season 1 that I burned for my parents for Easter (they are now Bone obsessed and have only been keeping there cable in order to watch it..turns out they spend lots of time together when they watch it). I shockingly don't mind the show and am now on Episode 4. I got 1/2 way through the 2nd episode and then went and saw the 9:30 showing of Observe and Report. It was a cheesy movie but the general comedy was pretty good. Now I'm back at the house watching Bones and attempting to download Full Tilt Poker which for some GOD awful reason is going slower than slow which is now making me post a blog just to distract me from the download status. Just another Saturday..I love the weekends.

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