Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Near the end of 2007 my mom found out she had diverticulitis. She said the pains in her stomach were worse than labor pains. When they did a CT scan of her lower abdomen that found a spot on her liver and kidney. We checked out both and basically found out the spot on the liver was a sis and the spot on her kidney looked like cancer. Doctors talked about removing her whole kidney, we got a 2nd opinion and was told about a new procedure that could burn off the cancer with a needle. The cancer is only 2cm so they burned the area around about 3cm to make sure they got all of the cancer. Technically this was a outpatient surgery but due to our health insurance and my moms FMLA at work we asked if we could stay the night(incase of complications). But now here we sit, its almost 4 o'clock the day after surgery and we are waiting on the doctor to release us. Being at the hospital is just proof that I NEVER NEVER want to be put into a hospital if I get sick, send someone to my house, like in the olden days but don't force me into a hospital. I've been to different hospitals in our area and everyone has the same problem, the service sucks. The nurses never come and check on my mom, when you push the button it takes forever to get a reaction. The nurses know nothing about my moms condition and I'm honestly nervous about her taking any of the medicines they give her because they are so out of it. I have told all 4 nurses about the diverticulosis and they say, we'll make a note in her chart. But they bring her fried food, or salad and she can't eat it and then we have to wait for different things, it just sucks when people don't listen. One nurse asked me(in broken English) what osteoporosis was? I just don't think these nurses know anything...about the doctor....about the medicine...It's frustrating. We are just sitting here for no reason because no one has time for us. This happens everytime I go to the emergency room with anyone the behavior of everyone is just like this. Like they just don't care. Which pisses me off, this is my mom, this isn't just another patient, I expect you to treat her with the same respect and kindness you would for your mother. Thats why you became a nurse to nurse someone, don't act like she is such a inconvenience, she is the point of your job. ARGHH!

Thankfully everything is ok with my mom, the surgery was a success(love the doctor by the way) and I have the advantage of being here with her. In another positive light, my mom and I are chilling out watching some Oprah, some Rachel Ray and all these baby deliveries on TV. Bonding time.

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Marthavmuffin said...

I am sorry for your moms pain and sickness. My mom has diverticulitus also and I know it is no fun. No strawberries allowed...that sucks. Let her know I sent my best wishes. I love those baby delivery shows and 'bringing home baby' shows.