Sunday, February 10, 2008

I did it.

I put my two weeks notice in at the paper Thursday. My last day is the 21st of February. It was so weird giving my two weeks, I've never had to do it right so it was weird, not to mention the girl, Lori who sits at the front counter with me put hers in the day before me(I was out sick Tuesday and Wednesday). I just brought my letter into my bosses office and told her I would be leaving, she was really sweet about it and told me she was glad I was going to better things and wished me luck. They processed my leave stuff that day so there was no looking back, which is fine with me just feels so weird to be leaving a place I have been at for a while. Word travels quick also because before you know it, some people I didn't even know were asking me why I was leaving.

Lately, working for my dad at night has been taking its toll, I've been at the office until at least 12 at night all last week, he calls me to look up random things. He isn't organized at all, I feel like a little gopher sometimes but hopefully I will be able to organize him once I come on full time.

My mom is waiting to know when she will be scheduled for her surgery to have the cancer on her kidney frozen off. She wants to get it over with and it looks like the only dates that she can have the surgery are two days before the end of my two weeks, how crappy is that? I really want to be there so I might only put in my two weeks minus two days.

Argh! I waited until Sunday yet again to start on my classes, thats the only thing that sucks about online courses, they are soooo easy to put off. I might have to devote the rest of the day to getting back on track. Not what I want to do on a Sunday. Blah!

I went crazy yesterday and painted my dining room wall green. Its like a mossy green but I think it looks awesome next to my red furniture. How did I get this random idea? Well, I was out garage sailing and I bought a huge gold mirror for only $30 bucks!! It was too big to fit in the back of Chris's car so we drove semi with the door open to my parents house(it was the next street over) and left it there so my dad could bring it over in his van. We put it on my parents bed so the dog wouldn't mess with and noticed how awesome their green walls looked next to the mirror, so green walls it is. I'll post pictures once all the stuff is hanging up so you get more of a feel. Right now its just a green room that pops out at you, once I tie everything in its going to look sweet. I also hung up the oil painting that Chris bought me for my birthday and it rocked! The red roofs in the painting make my red couch pop. I need to have my whole place(at least the living room, dining room & kitchen) ready for bunco next Friday because everyone is coming over here and half of them have never been over here so I want it looking nice.

I've got a pretty busy day I need to stop procrastinating writing this blog and get on it.

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