Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zoey Learns Some Tricks

I am proud to say that as of 6/1/09 Zoey has learned the trick handshake and I can take credit for teaching her. I am so excited. I, of course had to film it last night(just like E.V.) but I forgot the camera at home so I will post the video when I get home. I can't believe that I taught a dog a trick. I didn't really teach E.V. any of her tricks I just kept practicing with her when she understood the concept. Zoey also knows sit but I'm not sure I can take credit for that one because its so basic and who knows if someone else taught her before me. I had to post a little blog because I didn't want to forget.

Chris got preview tickets to see Hungover tonight so I am excited about that.

I have so much to do at work today..I need to focus.

I did post alot of blogs today. Ha! Beat that Erica! :)


Erica Thomas said...

oh I will beat that ma'am. The challenge has been set!

Marthavmuffin said...

yes but has she learned to quit chewing on stuff?