Monday, July 21, 2008

1st Beach Visit this Summer

Last Tuesday I had to run down to St.Augustine to pick up some building plans. I knew I was going to pass the beach on the way back so I let E.V. come along and headed down to the beach after the errand. E.V. has only been to the beach once(when she was little) so it was a little confusing when a wave knocked her over when she went in. She kept staring at the waves and wouldn't come in no matter how much I called or offered treats from the water. It was so hot and muggy with me wearing jeans and a normal shirt so we didn't stay long but long enough to get the whole beach experience with the smell of sunscreen and kids playing in the water. I took a couple pictures to share.

E.V. at the beach

Random picture I took that I thought was funny...

Attempting to get a photo with E.V.

And a pic of me..sweaty and all..


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