Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I got four cavities filled and they still hurt...we are talking a month later. Yikes. The right side of my mouth(where all four were filled) is soo sensitive. I can hardly chew anything without pain, I went back to the dentist about two weeks ago because it was giving me terrible headaches and they grinded them down but the pain still hasn't gone away. I'm putting off going back because I haven't been whitening my teeth like I should. I don't know why its been so hard for me to whiten and keep in the routine but its something that I just don't want to do. As soon as my teeth are whitened I can get this cap(that is loosing its color) changed out for a crown on my very front tooth(how embarrassing..) When I was 8(I just got my two front teeth) I was pushed down when I was roller blading and slammed my mouth into the ground, chipping my front tooth pretty bad, I have had caps replaced putting off doing the entire crown but they said the nerve has died and I had to have my first root canal. I hate the dentist, its not fun at all. :(

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Marthavmuffin said...

Sorry about the bad news at the Dentist, Red Bull is the culprit eh? Try drinking cold water, it's boring at first but you really get hooked on it - I did anyway. I love the changes on your blog, and I am sorry I missed you for lunch that day. Email me sometime- I dont have your email addy.