Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So how about... I suck

Right now I am in the ER waiting for the nurse to call us because Chris isn't feeling good....spine pain, throwing up(yuckie), chills, and just pure pain is the culprit as of right now. Poor thing..he is slightly nodding off with a superman blanket around him and his feet propped up on a kids chair, I took a picture with my camera phone...he reminds me of a little kid...every once in a while he sighs loudly but no real complaining. Not like what you would hear from me. HA. Thankfully I thought to take my laptop because I would be uber bored right now. The internet connection sucks here even with my little internet hookup from Cingular, I have like two bars.

I think this week has officially sucked. For some reason(probably due from guilt of not doing the C25K like I should) I have had a real problem waking up in the morning. I set my alarm for 6 and roll out of bed a 7. I literally hit snooze for a whole hour and do not wake up. It's insane. I get ready in 5 minutes, hop in my car to pick up my mom, try to stop for a Red Bull and then race to work usually getting there 2-3 minutes past 8. Its crazy. I don't understand why I have such a hard time getting it in gear in the morning, but I know my looks have shown it. I look wore down and my hair is always in bun, I feel greasy and not put together and I suffer until 5 PM and then rush out the door to do nothing but screw around until I can go home and crash around 12, starting the whole cycle over. I literally envy people I see around work who look put together, who had enough time to brew a cup a coffee, shower, blow dry their hair, watch the sunrise, take their dog out(without rushing, poor E.V.), and friggen watch the morning news while wearing a coordinated outfit picked out of a fashion designers closet with their matching pens and crap. For some reason no matter how much I envy them I can not get my butt in gear. I need to work on it, I am literally tired all day so what feels like heaven when I sleep that extra hour makes the rest of the day feel like hell. Maybe I will get my butt into gear once I start working for my dad. I hope so, I have to get organized. Its a MUST for 2008 not just a goal, or something to write on my to-do-list. It has to be something I devote myself to.

So I shall post my little improvements here, hopefully as I read them I will feel inspired to do more, hopefully.....

Funny. I've always been the blog lurker(eww..I don't like the way that sounds...) but I actually had someone view my blog and text me about Chris. This is too cool to me. Thanks for caring Jill and offering help. I appreciate it.

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Thanks for writing this.